With Feed140, You Get The Benefits of Twitter Marketing Without the Massive Time Drain That Typically Comes With It

  • Maximize Your Twitter Presence With Minimal Time Investment
  • Deliver a Consistent Base of Content Efficientyly
  • Easy, Plug-in Content with Ghost-Written Tweets On a Wide Variety of Topics
  • Create your Own Custom ‘Playlists’ of Pre-Written Tweets
  • Pre-load Date-Specific Tweets with the ‘Scheduled Updates’ Queue
  • Turn Any RSS Feed Into Twitter Content Automatically
  • Drag and Drop Updates in your Queue to Easily Organize Delivery Sequence

Maximum Twitter Presence With Minimum Time Investment

Successful Twitter marketing depends on gaining and maintaining the attention of your Followers through...
  1. Interesting Content
  2. Consistent Delivery
It's a pretty simple. If you create and share interesting content on Twitter and you are consistent about it, your Twitter account will become a treasured asset in your marketing toolbox. But, without help, Twitter can burn a lot of time. That's where we come in. Feed140 is an efficiency tool to help you build and maintain a strong presence on Twitter without the major time drag.

Deliver a Consistent Base of Content Efficiently

Feed140 allows you to easily and efficiently deliver a consistent base of content to your Twitter account. Simply load-up your drip-feed Queue, set your desired frequency and delivery times, and Feed140 does the rest. You can add Tweets to your queue manually, build or upload a playlist, automatically create tweets from your blog RSS feed or any other RSS feed, purchase ghost-written tweets, and more... and then Feed140 will drip-feed the content of your queue to Twitter based on your settings. With consistent content being delivered on auto pilot by Feed140, you can step away from Twitter and know that your followers will have consistent fresh content while you are gone.

Easy, Plug-in Content with Ghost-written Tweets On a Wide Variety of Topics

One of the most challenging aspects of Twitter marketing is the relentless need to create enough content to keep your audience engaged. That's why we created our 'Playlists Library' where you can purchase themed, pre-written playlist of Tweets and add them to your Feed140 queue with just a few clicks. Here are some samples of Playlist currently available in the Marketplace...
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Beauty Tips for Women
  • Dog Training Tips
  • General Health and Fitness Tips
  • General Motivational and Self Help Quotes
  • General tips for Social Marketing
  • General Travel Tips
  • Tips for Online Safety for Children
  • Tips for Strength Training
  • Tips for the Beginner Runner
  • Tips for the Long Distance Runner
  • And many, many more!

Create your Own Custom Playlists

Do you have messages that you want to reiterate consistently to your audience? With Feed140, you can create your own playlist which is separate from your main queue to deliver tweets to your followers as part of your overall content mix. The tweets in any playlist can be published in sequence or mixed on shuffle play. You control how frequently Feed140 publishes tweets from your playlist. You can have Feed140 deliver a certain number of updates every day from your playlist. Or, you can have Feed140 'mix in' updates from your playlist as a percentage of the total updates from your main queue. Either way, your promotional messages are delivered automatically while ensuring that you don't overwhelm your audience. Your playlists can include...
  • Advertisements for Your Products
  • Favorite Content That You Want to Share More Than Once
  • Promotions for Your Products or Products You Promote as an Affiliate
  • Links to Blog Posts From Your Archives
  • Links to Videos on Your YouTube Channel
  • Friendly Reminders
  • You name it!
Of course, any time you want to interact live with your fans and followers, you can always just log-in and send updates like you normally would. Your playlists will never replace authentic live interaction, but their value is to provide a solid base of consistent content.

Pre-load Date-Specific Messages with the 'Scheduled Tweets' Queue

Use the Feed140 'Scheduled Update Queue' to pre-load Tweets about special promotions, product launches, trade shows, or other date-specific events. Simply enter updates into the queue and select the date and time you want them to be delivered and Feed140 will take care of the rest. Great for promotion and awareness of events such as...
  • Show Schedules for Bands
  • Community Calendars
  • Product Launches
  • Open Houses
  • Book Signings
  • Trade Shows

Turn Any RSS Feed Into Twitter Content Automatically

With Feed140, you can use any RSS feed to add content to your queue. For instance, sites like Digg, Reddit, Tumbler and StumbleUpon, and your own blog provide RSS feeds of your activity that you can connect to Feed140. This means that every time you click the Digg button, vote something up in Reddit, give a site the thumbs-up in StumbleUpon, or make a blog post, you can automatically add an update to your Feed140 queue and it will be delivered based on the time frame and frequency of your choosing. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to fill your queue with interesting and entertaining content for your followers. Provide a valuable service to your audience by finding and sharing RSS feeds of the latest and greatest news in your niche and you will build a growing audience without having to create all of the content yourself.

You Control Frequency and Hours of Delivery

In your Settings tab, you can easily control how many tweets your account sends to Twitter. Simply choose a frequency setting and Feed140 will drip-feed your tweets on a frequency that suits your preferences. Choose your start and stop times as well.

Facebook Coming Soon!

Our development team has started on the development of our Facebook Queue which is one of our most highly-requested features. This new feature will allow our users to deliver drip-feed content from Feed140 directly to a Facebook personal timeline or fan page.

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